the team

code + design + fun = ?

Dean Gifford

//CEO & Co-founder

12 years of design experience ranging from visual and interaction design to user experience design and creative technology Dean's covered a lot of interactive ground. With a love of games and bleeding-edge tech from birth stretching from his first Hanimex game system through to VR and real-life™ sims like AirSoft he now wants to play games that totally don't exist yet.

Knowing the best way to do that is to make it happen, he's hunted high and low for those with the talent and desire to help him bring it to life.

Isaac Dart

//CTO & Co-founder

A decade+ of code notches on his dev-shotgun, Isaac has been blooded in the heart of London's finance industry to emerge into the light of game design through ITU Copenhagen's game technology Masters.

Designing and coding games on and off almost his entire life Isaac's scaring even himself with his machine-like ability to create new game interactions. Between his artificial intelligence (AI), genetic algorithm (GA) and neural network (NN) specialisations all we can say is Isaac makes SkyNet looks like playtime.