the company

we <3 games so much it hurts

You’ve woken up in a white room. You’re disoriented and don’t know exactly what’s going on.

There’s a door along one wall, a gun in one corner and what looks like a painting resting face down in the middle of the room.

Which would you investigate first?

We’d like to know too, which is why we left our day jobs to start a games company. Our very own.

We’re a bunch of pretty creative individuals with a love of gaming and some pretty wicked ideas bouncing around in our heads.

The games we wanted to play and lose ourselves in weren't being built so we decided we really should get on and just make them ourselves.

And with our skillset covering design, development, writing, 3D, audio, music and motion design we think we've got a pretty good toolset to make some fun stuff for you.

So as they say.
Let the games begin.

Dean Gifford & Isaac Dart