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Mantle rapid previzualization software is a powerful toolset for creation, iteration, manipulation and replication of environments for games and other demanding 3d environmental uses.

Combining Open Street Map data with your own models as a plugin for Unity 3D, Mantle will quickly and easily generate real or fantasy environments, test multiple generated variants, then use the results directly in Unity or export to dedicated 3D modelling applications.

Designed as a rapid workflow tool Mantle can help designers working with detailed urban environments by starting a space for you, allowing you to quickly and intelligently tweak, add or remove as well as custom place specific models.

Features include:

  • Worldwide coverage via Open Street Maps
  • Support for additional map formats in development
  • Use your own models, extrapolate real world buildings or use a combination
  • Context-aware generation and placement of your own models as well as hand placement
  • Granular level styling support for ease of environmental skinning
  • Transit networks provided with basic simulation support
  • Supports procedural placement of game engine elements. ie: Unity prefabs
  • Export to mesh or data formats compatible with many game engines and 3D packages
  • Native VR/AR support: view your environments in virtual or augmented reality with support from the VR/AR vendor plugins for Unity

Who is Mantle designed for?

Game Designers and Developers

Find the perfect setting for your first person experience or sprawling 3rd person adventure game. Block out levels with your own models, use them natively in Unity or export to your engine of choice.

Visual FX Artists and Film Directors

Simulate existing spaces anywhere in the world, drop in dummy sets, understand shot blocking and camera angles. Export to 3D packages for camera path planning and integration or run it natively in-engine.

Architects and City planners

Visualise the 3d volume for the project space, view shadow angles for time of year, then use the generated environment as background fill for your completed project models. Visualise any urban space and knock out individual buildings, place new roads and repurpose spaces. Engage your stakeholders by allowing them to directly

...And more!

We're constantly discovering more uses for Mantle as we speak to projects with high demand for geolocated 3d environment support. If you have a project use case that you think might fit get in touch and ask us for a demo.

Contact us for a demo or ask us more about it

We're actively developing Mantle and are always happy to provide you with a demo or trial so get in touch. Maybe you have a question or suggestion - we'd love to talk to you about it!

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Project Funding and Support

MassChallenge UK

As a Diamond Award Winner and Top 26 finalist of the 2015 MassChallenge UK accelerator intake, Mantle is receiving the best guidance and support available in the UK for ongoing development and delivery.

Innovate UK

Mantle prototype development has been made possible with funds from Innovate UK, part of the Technology Strategy Board.

Generate large urban areas

Procedurally place world content

Transit layers with simulation support

Endless custom styling options

Creates full terrain and building meshes