we're hiring positions for our London office!

If you're ready to become part of our London team being a key part of creating the best world-creation tools around we'd love to hear from you.

Simply send us an email to that includes:

  • your cv showing relevant experience to the criteria
  • an introduction about yourself and why you think you're a good fit for team preliminal.

Graphics Programmer

Location: London, UK

Salary: Negotiatble relevent to experience + equity & standard UK benefits

Reports to: CTO

As a Graphics/VFX programmer for Mantle our environment generation toolset and platform, you’ll push the cutting edge visuals created by the very latest multi platform world generation technology. Working closely with other members of our multi-disciplinary team you'll ensure we identify and deliver the very best solutions to bring Mantle to life at the highest possible performance across a range of 3D IDEs such as Unity3d, Unreal and PlayCanvas WebGL.

Key Required Skills

  • Fluent in C# and strong in JavaScript programming
  • Expert in 3D rendering, 3D math, and optimisation of the complete rendering pipeline
  • Experience with Unity3D and WebGL
  • Experience creating and optimizing shaders in Cg/HLSL/ShaderLab
  • Work well in a cooperative team environment
  • Ability to pro-actively identify and address problems

Desirable Skills

  • Experience working on a large rendering code-base (e.g. AAA game or equivalent) where you planned and delivered fully finished features
  • Unreal and Maya development experience
  • Fluency in C++, Assembly and SIMD programming
  • OpenGL, CUDA, and/or Direct Compute experience


  • Design and implement well-engineered, efficient, reliable, maintainable, and bug-free code
  • Collaborate with team members to develop various rendering, visual effects and core-engine systems
  • Develop and test code, fix bugs, profile and optimize code as directed
  • Follow best practices, development processes, and coding standards
  • Provide support to our customers and community for developed software
  • Document and peer review technical designs with other software engineers
  • Work with QA, providing information needed to fully test developed code
  • Identify technical and developmental risks/obstacles generating solutions to overcome identified risks
  • Possess and develop areas of engineering expertise
  • Keep up to date on state-of-the-art rendering and software engineering methods, practices, and technologies