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Currently in development for mobile platforms (iOS 2015)

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Set in a pre-cyberpunk universe you are cast in the role as a CEO-to-be deciding just how to grow your new corporation with your lifelong friends.

Will you be aggressive or empathetic?
Work with the people or crush them?
What industries will you invest in to boost your reach and capability?

Choose your enemies wisely.
Whatever path you choose there will be risks and consequences; as the world's first mega-corporation it also promises plenty of reward.

Fractured Skyline is a single player game that combines high level empire-building with turn based strategic missions using combat and subterfuge. At its heart is a collectible card game that powers your corp to victory with an unlockable tree of units, gear, upgrades and strategic plays that will ensure your victory, or hasten your demise.

Game Features

  • Full narrative story
  • Real world strategic game board
    • Procedural world building technology overlays the real world with a cyberpunk world for you to discover and control
    • Discrete world areas to control and add to your empire
    • Turn based 3D card battles set in the world around you
    • Interactions, rewards and timed content in real world locations makes going for a walk more interesting
  • Collectible cards
    • Starting card set features over 60 cards from three corporation industry specialties to research and create
    • Uncommon, rare and unique cards to discover and unlock
    • Custom deck creation
    • Combine strengths from each corp industry to your advantage … or play as a pure corp for fun
  • Mission variety
    • Eliminate targets, guard buildings, steal resources, take over buildings, stealthily gather recon… just some of the mission types planned
    • Multiple AI styles play as different enemies for variation
  • Supports player progress Cloudsave